Our Company

Mr. Croket was founded in 1987 in Thessaloniki. Its founder, Tilemachos Tsakirakis, began his career in the food industry having in his possession a pastry workshop. As the market evolved and people were asking for different products, the idea of croquettes was born. His love for work combined with the market enthusiasm for this new product, gave him the impetus to create the wide range of products featuring our company today.

Thus, in 2004 the small pastry workshop was replaced by a large and ultra-modern croquette production and related products unit, based in the industrial park of Neochorouda that is up to our home today. A 5,000 sqm home with room to cover the 2,000 sqm, pleasant working environment for our experienced staff, with process power up to 4,000 kilos of raw materials per day.

The long-term success of our company, gave us the necessary experience to be an authority in our field. Having motivated by the love of our customers, continually evolve our production with sole objective your satisfaction and gratitude . The company distributes its products throughout Greece and abroad from well-known super market chains to the tavern of your neighborhood.

“Croquettes are our passion and do well”