Ensuring high quality

Mr. Croket respects international standards and gives special attention to ensure the high quality of the products it produces and trades. Our company desiring to ensure the quality and hygiene of its products follow strict hygiene standards and continuous controls. To ensure the excellent quality of our products we have installed a food safety management system which is in compliance with the HACCP and ΕLOT EN ISO 22000:2005. This means that Mr. Croket products are thoroughly checked throughout the production process up to the moment they arrive on your plate. We guarantee that each croquette is 100% safe and delicious!!

Raw materials

High quality requires ongoing effort which starts from our suppliers, with ongoing monitoring and review. We are able to know the conditions of storage and transport of our products until they reach our company and start the production process by our experienced staff. To be able to ensure excellent quality we have searched and found the best suppliers in Greece. Proper cooperation and the common line that we have for quality products have allowed us to provide the best prices.